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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Vicious Kind

Adam Scott as Caleb

 ‘The Vicious Kind’ was a movie I just happened to come across on Netflix.  I noticed the cover had an actor from a tv show I liked, so I thought I would give it a shot and see how he was in regular movies. 

‘The Vicious Kind’ is about Caleb, a severely depressed guy who has a terrible view of women and major issues with his dad, who he hasn’t talked to since his mother died 8 years ago.  Caleb has to bring his brother, Peter, and Peter’s new girlfriend, Emma, to his dad’s house for Thanksgiving and along the way we see just how miserable Caleb is.  In fact, the very first shot of the movie is a shot of Caleb on the verge of tears trying so hard to hold everything together.  At first we’re not really sure why Caleb is so sad and angry but we soon find out that Caleb had a bad breakup with his girlfriend, the reason for the breakup is never revealed but it must have been pretty bad.  In the short flashbacks we see of Caleb’s ex-girlfriend it’s hard not to notice that Peter’s new girlfriend closely resembles her.  Needless to say, Caleb starts to have feelings for Emma as he gets to know her but doesn’t want to do anything to hurt his brother.  Actually, Caleb warns his brother numerous times to watch out for Emma because he feels she has a reputation and will probably break his heart.  But as Caleb’s lust for Emma grows, his protection of his brother becomes selfishness for his own desires.

As much as this review has focused on Caleb’s relationship with Emma, I don’t think that’s what this movie is really “about”.  Caleb is realizing that as much as he hates his dad for things he has done in his past, he is becoming his dad.  ‘The Vicious Kind’ really boils down to reconciliation and the paths you take to get there.  It’s very interesting that Caleb hurts his brother, on what amounts to a one night stand, but inadvertently starts rebuilding his relationship with his father because of it.

I don’t watch too many independent films but this movie makes me want to start watching more.  The acting is spot on with Adam Scott as Caleb, Brittany Snow as Emma, and J.K. Simmons as Caleb’s father.  Adam Scott does a great job portraying the transformation Caleb has from being the depressed, asshole brother to the sensitive, vulnerable son.  If you have Netflix, put this movie in your instant queue, if not then try and rent it somewhere, it’s definitely worth watching.

Score: 7.5 out of 10


  1. What ever you do, don't become you dad..... And watch your language. Ebert never says bad words. :-)

  2. I'm the new, modern version of Ebert who uses colorful language. I will not be censored!